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Zodwa Wabantu – “I don’t keep anyone, but I will fvck anyone”

Despite being trolled and criticized over the years, Zodwa Wabantu has remained true to her brand’s values.


The South African entertainer made headlines at the start of the year when she went wild at gigs; social media users demanded her arrest, but she refused to back down.

Zodwa further revealed her goals of venturing into the porn industry, but she’s yet to establish it.

Taking to social media on Friday, the star shared a video of herself in the swimming pool with two other men. She was seen enjoying herself and having fun.

However, the caption reminds her followers of what she stands for which is s*x and money.

Zodwa further stated that she isn’t the lover-girl anymore as she’s not interested in keeping anyone, except if they want to sleep together.

“S*x & Money & a Lifestyle On Love I don’t keep Anyone but I will fvck Anyone,” she wrote.