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WATCH: Billie Eilish raps along to Young Thug’s ‘Power’ in a TikTok video that has gone viral

Billie Eilish has long been a fan of hip hop, so it’s no surprise that the ‘Lovely’ singer was recently seen mouthing a couple of the lyrics to Young Thug’s 2016 hit track, ‘Power,’ in a TikTok video.


Many fans, however, reacted astonished (some positively, some negatively) that the 21-year-old remembered the famous rap song.

Billie Eilish rapping ‘Power’ by Young Thug in a recent TikTok ,” shared nfr_podcast on Monday night.

The post has since been viewed over 50 million times in just over 24 hours and has drawn thousands of comments on Twitter (X).

“I’m suddenly the biggest Billie Eilish fan, her music slaps,” commented one tweep. Another added, “She’s always had great taste in music.”

Others focused their attention on how beautiful she looked in the video.

“Not to be dramatic but I would literally die to look like this,” tweeted @kuromipi3. “She is absolutely unbelievably gorgeous,” added another.

Of course, there were some who weren’t so impressed. “Don’t know why y’all gassin’ her up when she looks like a white ice spice,” another user commented.

@strawbrrybean directed her attention at the filter of choice, “I love Billie but why is she using that god-awful glamour filter

Young Thug is still currently behind bars with his gang trial set to begin in December. Last week, the District Attorney’s office urged for the rapper’s lyrics to be used as evidence in the upcoming trial.