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Tony Shhnow - Life N Hard Times
Tony Shhnow - Life N Hard Times

Tony Shhnow has had a successful year. The underground Atlanta rapper released Kill Streak 2 in January, which featured hot singles like “I Told You” and “Sometimes.” In June, he released Reflexions, an 18-song project featuring Bear1Boss, Zelooperz, and others. He’s also found time to deliver standout performances in films like Father’s Young Hot Ebony 2 and TiaCorine’s I Can’t Wait.


Shhnow has now released a new single, “Life N Hard Times,” in which he raps at breakneck speed over an airy, amorphous instrumental. The song demonstrates why Shhnow is at the forefront of “plugg” music, the Atlanta subgenre that has taken the city by storm.

StoopidXool created the beat, which features a wobbling bass, bright keys, and waves of ambient synth sounds. Over such a laid-back instrumental, one might expect a laid-back delivery, but Shhnow’s flow is urgent as he details his struggles. “Pounds everywhere I go, I snuck a bulldog in the club / Snakes in the grass, everyday I’m pouring up the mud,” he sings at the beginning of the song.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m clean as a b***h, my trap house dirty
I’m clean as a b***h, this double cup dirty
I got that Tec in my jeans cause’ I’m working
You got your head in your pocket, you hurting

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