Nas’s ‘Real Niggas’ 2pac diss song has surfaced, thanks to a YouTuber who shared a rare drop from the archives that had been concealed for almost 25 years. Just 48 hours before being shot in Las Vegas, 2pac reached an agreement with Nas. The two hip-hop icons shared a commitment to assisting the culture’s youth, community, and originals.

So, in the aftermath of Makaveli’s death, Escobar has been one of the most courteous people anytime the late rapper’s name was spoken. More importantly, it was critical for 2pac to first make peace with Nas in order to open the door that never opened for Biggie Smalls and Prodigy.

The original Real Niggas track has been resurfaced for research and educational reasons only. Before their static concluded, Nas had a few things to say in the booth that were not made public.

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