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Tyla’s followers, the Tygers, are waiting for her to reveal who will be on the remix for her huge global song “Water.”

On Tuesday, the singer shared two photos on her social media platforms: one of her back shimmering in the water and the other of blurred-out lettering with only “water remix” visible.

The 21-year-old just said “guess who” in her caption, which of course has everyone guessing who might be on the successful song’s remix. The possibilities are endless, especially given her current situation.

Tyla has become the first South African artist to have 10 million monthly Spotify listeners as a result of the song’s global success.

Tyla made her Billboard Hot 100 debut in October, with ‘Water,’ her breakthrough track, debuting at No. 67 and climbing the list.

Is Chris Brown involved? Tyla accompanied Chris Brown on his UK and European tour, which began on February 14 at the 02 Arena and concluded on March 26 in Paris.

Given their established relationship, it wouldn’t be surprising if he became her first overseas partner.

Or is it her ideal collaborator Drake? In an October Spotify Q&A, the 21-year-old said that the ‘God’s Plan’ hitmaker was her dream collaborator.

My dream collab is Drake, 100%,” she said. She then pointed towards the camera and added, “It’s coming soon, I’m putting it in the atmosphere.”

It is in the atmosphere and the Canadian rapper does follow her on Instagram.

Or perhaps American singer and actor Trevor Jackson who recently posted a cover of his cover of ‘Water’.

Everyone is guessing who could the feature or features possibly be.