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Comodo GeekBuddy

Assuming you have been utilizing Comodo GeekBuddy and might want to erase the application from your PC, fortune has smiled on you.


This guide will tell you the best way to eliminate Comodo GeekBuddy so it doesn’t impede you or damage your framework once more.

It will likewise let you know how to make preparations for other comparative diseases not too far off so this experience doesn’t reoccur with one more program from here on out.

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What is Comodo GeekBuddy?

Comodo GeekBuddy is an all day, every day live master PC support administration presented by Comodo. It’s intended to assist you with any PC issue, whether it’s a basic inquiry or a perplexing specialized issue.

You can visit with a GeekBuddy master whenever, anyplace and they’ll assist you with tackling your issue rapidly and without any problem. At the point when your GeekBuddy master fixes the issue, you don’t need to do anything by any means! They’ll simply send an email advising you that all that has been dealt with.

So how would I dispose of this? Fortunately there are two methods for eliminating GeekBuddy from your PC either uninstalling it physically or eliminating the product from inside your program. To uninstall GeekBuddy physically, go to Control Board > Projects > Uninstall a Program and select Comodo GeekBuddy.

To eliminate the product from inside your program, open up Chrome and go to Additional Instruments > Augmentations > Comodo GeekBuddy then, at that point, hit Eliminate. Click alright on the affirmation window that springs up subsequent to clicking Eliminate.

Furthermore, that is all there is to it! Presently the GeekBuddy augmentation will be gone from Chrome and you will not at any point see it in the future.

Then again, in the event that you’re utilizing Firefox, make a beeline for Additional items > Expansions > Comodo GeekBuddy and snap Eliminate. Recall that whichever technique you pick, your GeekBuddy experience will be incapacitated when you wrap up erasing the augmentation from your program.

Moves toward Uninstall Comodo GeekBuddy

Assuming that you’re worn out on Comodo GeekBuddy continually messing with you, this is the way to dispose of it for good. These means will uninstall the program and eliminate all hints of it from your PC.

  • Open Control Board.
  • Double tap Add or Eliminate Projects.
  • Select Comodo GeekBuddy and snap Eliminate.
  • Snap Yes to affirm the evacuation of the program.
  • Reboot your PC in the wake of eliminating this danger as well as other possibly undesirable projects that may be introduced on your PC as of now (e.g., rebel security programming).
  • Sweep your PC with AdwCleaner.
  • Run RKill. exe.
  • Make a Reestablish Point so you can reestablish your framework back to its past state on the off chance that anything turns out badly.
  • Restart your PC.
  • When restarted, run Malwarebytes to ensure there are no more dangers present on your PC.


In the event that you’re experiencing difficulty disposing of Comodo GeekBuddy, the following are a couple investigating tips:

1. Have a go at uninstalling it from your PC’s control board.
2. In the event that that doesn’t work, have a go at utilizing a program like CCleaner to drive uninstall it.
3. You may likewise have to erase extra documents in your vault. Make sure to back up your vault before you do this or risk harming Windows and causing blunders on your framework. To get to the vault manager, type Regedit into the inquiry bar on the beginning menu and press enter.
4. Presently, find any passages with comodo and geekbuddy in them and erase them by featuring them and squeezing erase.
5. Reboot your PC whenever everything is erased, then, at that point, introduce malware recognition programming like Avast Antivirus to keep yourself shielded from future dangers.

Evacuation Report

Assuming that you’re tired of getting undesirable technical support calls from Comodo, this is the way to dispose of their GeekBuddy administration for good. In the first place, open the Windows Control Board and uninstall the program. Then, go to C:\Program Documents (x86)\ and erase the Comodo envelope. Then, at that point, explore to your Startup envelope and erase any records or organizers with the word Comodo in them.

At last, go to your Library Supervisor by composing regedit into the hunt bar in the beginning menu or Windows 10 taskbar search box, then, at that point, explore through HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Programming > Wow6432Node > Comodo > GeekBuddy as well as HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Programming > Wow6432Node > ComodoSoft


All in all, the cycle isn’t troublesome in any way. Adhere to the guidelines and you will actually want to erase Comodo GeekBuddy effortlessly. Simply remember to filter your PC after the expulsion in the event it abandoned any secret things.

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