Sonia Mbele allegedly got into an argument with a woman because of a male.


According to social media user Buzzy B, Sonia and Uyanda Mazibuko fought over Zamo Tshabalala at Saint in Santon, Johannesburg.

“Uyanda confronted Sonia accusing her of dating her man who she was also a side chick to. The two fought ratchetly in front of the elite Sandton patrons and their fight was so ghetto they pulled their wigs off,” reads the post.

Another gossip account, “Maphephandaba,” reported that Uyanda and Zamo attacked Sonia and chased her away from their table, humiliating her in front of her friends who were there to celebrate her NFTA award.

Zamo reportedly pulled off Sonia’s wig during the altercation.

“I’m completely traumatized and shocked by such evil my producer friends and I walked away peacefully but that was not enough. Being bullied at a restaurant was not cool!” Sonia commented under the Maphephandaba post on IG.