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Signs That Indicates A Hypocritical Being

Hypocrisy is not a way of getting back to the moral high ground. Three things in the world deserve no mercy. They are; hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny. Hypocrisy is the homage that vice pays to virtue. The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy.


The above vows were explored and documented by the world’s great thinkers. This also indicates that hypocrisy is vastly dangerous and should be abstained from.

World citizens should be provided with enough knowledge about hypocrisy and its replicators to avoid being swallowed by its effect.

If you are eager to identify some hypocrites around you, stick with this article. We have explored and documented naturally attached signs and temperaments that signify a hypocrite.


One of the major signs that define a hypocrite is that they are unpredictable. In most circumstances, they are dangerous because as the victim, you won’t know their advances.

They are often corny and don’t keep to their word. This transpires when they endorse instances and do the opposite at any point in time.

If you aspire to identify a hypocritical friend, You should be watchful of the above-detailed points.

Favours the moderates.  

This often occurs when one treats those in power with a conformed temperament and pompously maltreats the mediocre.

This mostly plays a vital role in the political system where even some civilians can’t even stand firm and defend the dignity of their rights because of the nature of the possible benefits they may attain from the authorities.

In this instance, if a hypocritical being assumes power, he would favour the moderates instead of the needy.

These should be vital points and features you should digest and identify a hypocritical being.

Creates Rules but Breaks it 

One of the great features to identify a hypocritical friend or associate is that they are always eager to create a rule, and expect everyone to abide by it but will break it at all costs.

The awful view that remodify this point is also that even at the point of breaking the rules, a hypocrite won’t admit to breaking the restrictions.

A friend who is a hypocrite would always try to amend your temperaments but does the worst.

Most of this phase of being are highly prideful and would always believe in their thoughts and beliefs.

Preach tolerance but are bigots.  

Just like the title has presumed, hypocrites would always preach tolerance but would condemn people who don’t conform to their way of thinking.

According to several sources, a bigot is a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic towards a person.

In this aspect, they will always condemn people who are condoning unrelated temperaments to theirs but would always preach tolerance.

Judges others but don’t judge self 

Identifying a hypocritical friend should also centre on the feature that implicates one who always judges people but will never judge self.

This plays a vital role in our daily life activities as we have been able to experience a vast number of people who could judge people’s advances most times but won’t judge themselves.

To identify a hypocritical friend you should be mindful of people who are always ready to judge every single life advance.

Not Trustworthy 

In the reality, a hypocrite is publicly known for their awful temperament that best describes their race.

They are also known for the dearth of trust qualities they possess on most occasions which have best embodied them in this category.

A hypocrite would always make dangerous moves and are unpredictable in any dimension.

This should also be a key point to identify a hypocrite as they often display this feature.

Betrayal at its peak 

As we explore more on these features, the viewers should note that this is the most common feature of a hypocritical being.

A hypocrite would portray betrayal. One of the most dangerous phases of this point is that they won’t be noticed until they have finally wrecked their victim.

In the Bible, as it was popularly written, Judas who was the most beloved associate of Jesus Christ was a hypocrite but no one among the disciple noticed his precarious instinct even at the point of selling his master.

They are not often noticed until they might have caused havoc.

Doesn’t keep promises 

As the heading implies, hypothetical being most times are identified with the qualities they possess attached to not keeping their promises.

They are often open to promises. This aspect always occurs when they are in a favourable situation all directed to their selfish interest.

When they emerge to their cravings, they don’t make any effort to keep their promises which identifies their hypocritical qualities.

hypocritical beings don’t keep their promises and this should be a key feature to identifying one.


As Wikipedia has detailed selfishness as the lack of consideration for other people, it plays a big role in the lives of hypocritical beings.

They are vastly known for their selfish interest and would always favour their welfare only.

Even in life-threatening situations, a hypocrite would prefer to favour his status rather than portray equality.

Doesn’t condone a staked temperament 

This is described as another key feature that outlines a hypocrite for they often possess various temperaments that they use to disguise in their environment.

In this facet, the victim would be known clearly as quite untroubled being at home but deploys a different version of temperament away from home.

They play this role incredibly perfectly to an extent that most times no one recognises their two-way life.

This serves as another key feature to indicate a hypocrite in any dimension. Once this character evolves, you should be aware of hypocrisy.

Pretends to be someone they’re not 

Hypocrites pretend so much to an extent that they derive their character from assuming to be who they are not.

They are not publicly identified as the rich or the poor. They disguise most times to be wealthy while they gnash their teeth in penury.

If he or she portrays these qualities, be assured that you are encircled with a hypocrite.