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Prince Kaybee replies to trolls’ disrespect: “I did my part for music when I could”

Trolls disparaging Prince Kaybee as a musician do not move him.


The music producer is chastised for not releasing hit songs; some trolls believe that despite his previous hit tracks, he is no longer relevant in the industry.

A fan of the DJ voiced out about how he’s been consistently defending the musician.

i’m busy putting my life on the line ko WhatsApp fighting for Prince Kaybee. I don’t like the disrespect he’s getting as if he never gave us Wajelwa, Fetch your life, Banomoya, Gugulethu, Club controller, Charlotte, Uwromgo,” reads the tweet.

However, Kaybee says he has done his part for music, hence there’s nothing to defend.

“Let them cook, I did my part for music when I could. It’s a pleasure to have served those that listened,” Prince Kaybee wrote.