WhatsApp users can now edit previously sent messages with a new feature.

WhatsApp users can now edit their outgoing messages, even up to 15 minutes after sending, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Monday.

WhatsApp introduces new feature

With the help of this new tool, users have more control over their interactions and can correct errors, make sentences easier to understand, or add details.

Following these steps within 15 minutes of sending a message on WhatsApp will allow you to edit the message:

1. Open the appropriate WhatsApp chat.
2. Select the message you want to edit by long-pressing on it.
3. From the menu that pops up in the top-right corner, choose “Edit”.

The word “edited” will appear next to the message header as a reminder.
Recipients of edited messages will be notified of the correction without access to the full edit history, which is important.

According to a statement from Meta, the feature is rolling out to users and it is expected that everyone will have access to it in the coming weeks.