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Those of you who have been reading this site for a while know that I despise 2K Sports for ruining basketball video games. This has led to my collaboration with EA Sports and friendship with the NBA Live crew in the pursuit of making basketball video games great again.


Some of the most well-known comp gamers we know have stopped playing the game because it has degraded over time. However, for online gamers that respect, know, and honor the game of basketball, this is a rare instance in which 2K Sports has released a jewel in the series.

Throughout the summer, my friends and I noticed that this was one of the most anticipated releases in the franchise’s history. After experiencing the terrible gameplay in NBA 2K21, when anyone could create a demi-god power forward capable of curry sliding, the franchise has changed.

NBA 2K22 is the basketball game we’ve all been waiting for, because everything has been toned down to make it feel like…real basketball. We know that sounds weird, but the franchise has had an arcade-like feel over the last decade that hasn’t gone down well with fans.

This is the only true simulation basketball game we’ve spent the last four days playing without complaint.

Now, in the header above, it states “skill gap.” Yes, instead of depending on animations to happen on the fly, you’ll have to include dribble maneuvers into your repertoire when playing.

This is significant for competitive play, which has long been considered a forgotten art in the game. We’re not going to give it a perfect 10/10. However, by their standards, this is a fantastic addition to the series that should not be neglected if you still enjoy basketball.

There is no longer any rim running while holding x or the stick in any direction. People with interior defense, and especially big men, can now stop the bulk of everything if they have the proper badges. We don’t mind the My Career crap in which you have to be a rapper or walk the fashion line. Just keep the gameplay consistent.

So far, the only difficulties we’ve encountered are the city moving at 20 frames per second and server hiccups in online play. Aside from that, the gameplay can be left alone; yet, we know they’ll do something to muck it up.

Thanks to our friend 21 Savage, who is one of the millions of people who are concerned about the challenge of AI. NBA 2K22 must maintain its sim-style gameplay.

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