Ice Spice has stated that she is interested in working with Nicki Minaj in the future. The rapper, who achieved success with her summer single “Munch,” recently sat down for an interview with Erykah Badu and daughter Puma Curry for “Interview” magazine — and she didn’t hold back. The 22-year-old discussed everything from her favorite female rappers to writing her own songs and addressing rumors that her figure isn’t natural.

When Erykah asked Ice Spice where she gets her inspiration, she said, “You absolutely inspired me—my parents would play Baduizm top to bottom, like, all day.” And Lil’ Kim, Nicki, Foxy, and Remy are all significant inspirations for me.” When Puma asked if she had to choose one person for her dream collaboration, the Bronx native replied, “I have to choose Nicki because that’s just like, duh.”

“She’d eat that s**t, too.” Doja Cat, on the other hand, is a dream collaboration.” Ice Spice revealed that she began wearing her natural hair in late 2021, when she released the music video for her song “No Clarity.” “I noticed it was doing so much better than all my previous work,” she continued. My fan base was not prepared for me to be wearing heels and a lace front. In response to the persistent suspicions that her body isn’t natural, Ice claims that the only thing phony about her is “my teeth, which I need to get replaced.”

Ice Spice spoke more on her decision to wear her hair naturally and gaining confidence in doing so, recalling her father always saying sentimental things to her that reminded her she was beautiful just the way she was.

“I adored straightening my hair and pretending it wasn’t wavy.” I would genuinely pray to God before going to bed, saying things like, “Please let me wake up with straight hair.” Because there were so many white girls at my school and I was the only one with curly hair for a long time.”

Ice Spice subsequently revealed to the mother-daughter combination that her parents worked a lot when she was growing up, so she spent a lot of time with her grandparents, who became the go-to destination for all of her cousins after school. “We’d hang out, eat, laugh, and watch TV. I also spent a lot of time after school. Actually, I shot the ‘Munch’ video after school at the park.”

“Things began to change when I eventually went to Catholic school.” Growing up, I didn’t go to church often, and I was never baptized. But I’m still religious in the sense that I pray every day, all day.”

When asked if she contributes to the writing of her songs, Ice Spice said, “I wrote ‘Munch’ myself, as well as ‘Bikini Bottom,’ which is soon to be released.” I compose all of my music. When we’re in the studio together, my producer assists me by bouncing ideas back and forth. However, I dislike accepting referrals. If I’m going to collaborate with a writer, I prefer to start from beginning.