Grafh collaborates with Rome Streetz on his new single “Finesse,” produced by 38 Spesh.

Grafh opens the tune with work from throughout the US, anchored by 38’s soulful loop. “I’m connected, I still shop / I can buy it in a drought / I’m on I-95, I drive it to the south,” Grafh raps, while Rome Streetz keeps it G. (“I know Bloods and Crips, Nine Treys, some Pirus, and 6-0s / Then been on shit since the Motorola flip phones,” he says.

“Finesse” is Grafh’s most recent release from his Art Of Words label. The album is set to be released on April 14 and has already yielded the singles “Life Is Wonderful” with Bun B and Stove God Cooks and “Trying” with Struggle Jennings.