Busiswa Gqulu’s supporters are dissatisfied with her new physique.


The South African actress has shed a lot of weight, which she claims was done on purpose.

Fans are dissatisfied with Busiswa’s new body (Video).

Her supporters, however, appear to be dissatisfied, since they have encouraged her to return to her prior body.

Busiswa shared a video of herself in a blue outfit, but the video garnered more negative reviews due to her body.

Some of the comments include:

“What happened to your bootyful body? A woman must have meat on the bone.”

“Mara what happened with Busiswa.”

“This taught me that not everyone is supposed to be slim, some are just made to be fat, the chubby Busi was way better than this one, the glow is gone and she doesn’t look happy either, I hope there’s nothing serious but for me I wish you a quick recovery queen.”