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EeQue – Osaletseng morao Ft Pcee, Icebeats Slide, Sbuda Maleather, Shakes & Les

Osaletseng morao by EeQue & Pcee, Icebeats Slide, Sbuda Maleather & Shakes & Les, Sbuda Maleather, Shakes & Les

The new song “Osaletseng morao” by South African singer-songwriter and performer EeQue was just released. Following a string of previously published tracks that have demonstrated his singular talent and flair, this lovely piece is the most recent addition to his musical catalog for this year.


The 2023 release of the amazing song “Osaletseng morao” was a major milestone. A number of Grammy-winning artists, including Pcee, Icebeats Slide, Sbuda Maleather, Shakes, and Les, collaborated on it. Each performer adds their own distinctive flair to the song and delivers scorching lines that are the ideal complement to EeQue’s distinctive sound.

However, this is a fantastic song that is widely recognized and should not be disregarded.

This amazing performance will make you want to dance and groove because of its alluring tunes and memorable lyrics.

As a result, this song is a superb composition that will undoubtedly have you moving. Not to mention, if you enjoy listening to fantastic music, you can expand your music library.

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