South African pop diva, is enjoying a superstar moment, Tyla conquering the world with her chart-topping music.


Her track ‘Water’ is currently dominating the airwaves, and she recently became the first South African artist to reach 10 million monthly Spotify users.

And now, the 21-year-old has landed her first worldwide TV talk show interview. She appeared on the Swedish chat show ‘Bianca’ on Sunday, presented by influencer and musician Bianca Ingrosso.

She has clinched international fame with moments that have cemented her place as a rising popiano star, from sitting next to Kim Kardashian to being the opening act on Chris Brown’s tour.

Ingrosso asked Tyla about her experience sitting front row at the D&G Spring/Summer 2023 show, and next to the famous Kardashian reality TV star and businesswoman.