Brotherhood was promoted on “Ma Boy,” the newest single off the soundtrack to Creed III, an action movie that Dreamville executive produced. It was written by JID and Lute.

The two videos, which were co-produced by Pluss, Christo, Ben10k, and Bass Charity, describe the day one kinship that was portrayed in the movie.

JID raps, “Boy, baby, that’s my brother, so play it cool / He a fool, a tool, a loose screw,” and “Young nigga fresh in the game, some things just never change,” as Lute continues, “Used to get out the dirt, so you know that shit hurt me, my boy.”

Adonis and Dame are reunited in Creed III, which stars Jonathan Majors and Michael B. Jordan, and they square battle in the ring. On March 3, both the movie and the soundtrack have an effect.

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