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DJ Akademiks Breaks Down Young Thug YSL Case Having 300 Witnesses & Exposes Alleged Foul Play with Gunna

DJ Akademiks goes down the 300 witnesses in the Young Thug YSL case, as the Fulton County DA is attempting to have them cop out to plea deals. The YSL Rico case is now expected to begin on January 9th. However, given new evidence in the case, many expect the trial will be delayed for another two years.


DJ Akademiks offered some fresh information on the case in a recent YouTube live, including why Fulton County DA indicated they have 300 witnesses ready to testify. The most important takeaway from this is that Gunna is accused of attempting to have drugs smuggled into jail for him.

According to AK, that story is incorrect, as Gunna’s lawyers showed that he was not even present at the jail where those claims were made. This is a significant red flag moving ahead, as Ak suspects the DA is engaging in questionable conduct to fill in the gaps with witnesses who aren’t even related to YSL.

More on the problem can be found below.

DJ Akademiks Breaks Down Young Thug YSL Case 300 Witnesses

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