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DGogo, Zaba & Sfarzo Rtee ft C-Blak, Yumbs, Shazmicsoul & Soul Jam – UBUMNANDI

UBUMNANDI by DGogo, Zaba & Sfarzo Rtee & C-Blak, Yumbs, Shazmicsoul & Soul Jam

Renowned South African performer DBN Gogo, Zaba, and Sfarzo Rtee collaborated with C-Blak, Yumbs, Shazmicsoul, and Soul Jam on the Amapiano song “UBUMNANDI”.

DBN Gogo’s musical career has grown in popularity beyond his local or regional communities. Because of South Africa’s thriving music scene and abundance of talented musicians, DBN Gogo, and other artists are not uncommon in their rise to prominence.

The singer/songwriter combines the explosive tempo and intensity of Afrobeats with the electronic and percussive vibes of Electronic Dance Music to create a sound reminiscent of a breath of fresh air.

For example, talented sound engineers expertly blend South African drums with historically significant Nigerian instruments. The soundtrack is particularly distinct, varied, and powerful as a result.

Furthermore, this creative beat includes South African music culture elements, creating an exciting and revolutionary transcontinental fusion.

Finally, for music lovers, this amazing delivery is a must-have on your playlist. It’s the ideal choice for when you want to relax and let the rhythm take over.

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