With “Super Bowl,” his triumph anthem by Conway The Machine featuring Juicy J and Sauce Walka, he puts his best foot forward.

Conway launches into his harsh stanza while being supported by Juicy J’s slapping production. “Still keep the Drac’ with beam and extensions / Still gon’ air it if it’s tension,” he raps. I told them, “I don’t really like that,” but they didn’t listen. Shot fast, I won’t miss.

“I done got rich out the streets, with the Conway / I’m from the home of the queen, that’s Beyoncé / But I done seen Destiny’s Child die from gunplay,” says Sauce Walka. “But I done seen Destiny’s Child die from gunplay.” Juicy J keeps it ratchet to the max. I wanted to get it off the market first, but I also wanted the Hollywood location and all types of access.

The lead song from Conway The Machine’s forthcoming album, Won’t He Do It—the follow-up to God Don’t Make Mistakes from the previous year—is titled “Super Bowl” and is slated for release on March 31.

One of them is the Super Bowl! Conway declares, “Huge rings, big ice on, big money, celebrating BIG Victories. You should always be happy of yourself in life since your efforts have paid off. A victory is a blessing, and you should always be grateful for what you have. Shout out to my brother Juicy J for sending me this track; I quickly did a verse to it. Then I said, “No, what would be REALLY insane is for my brother Sauce Walka to be on there, too!” Juice Mane smoked it after I emailed it to my brother, who then smoked it, and now you have it!

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