Cardi B proved she was booked and busy over the weekend when she revealed she was paid a stunning $1 million to perform for 35 minutes at a private banking event.

The rapper took to Twitter with the performance receipt to respond to trolls who suggested that Cardi is concerned about releasing a new album in case sales are low.

She has subsequently deleted the tweet with the receipt for the million-dollar paycheque, but the money payment remains in place.

Cardi disclosed on Twitter, “I got paid a million dollars to play at this top bankers event secret event for 400 people and just for 35 minutes.”

“THINK ABOUT THAT WHEN YOU TYPE ABOUT THIS GRAMMY WINNER,” she continued, adding a gold cup emoji.

The ‘Up’ rapper attached a document from WP Touring proving that Cardi was paid a million dollars for her performance.

Cardi also responded to critics who believed that the rapper was hesitant to release a new project because she was concerned about first-week sales on Twitter.

“I’m never afraid of numbers, honey,” she tweeted, before deleting it.

“And I don’t have to put out another album if I don’t want to since I EATS GOOD OF MY DIAMOND RECORDS ALONE. Drag the man who is running their mouth, not other b*tches, to make your point… Man, you’ve matured!”

Cardi then retweeted a tweet claiming that her 2019 arena tour was the first by a female rapper to gross more than a million dollars per show.

In a since-deleted tweet, the rapper also stated: “I’m a human baby…when my album comes out, I’ll be touring the world.

I need to emotionally and physically prepare for all of this. I didn’t have management for two years and now I’m ready… I DO THINGS ON MY TIME AND IN MY OWN WAY.”

Cardi then said that her second album will be released when she is ready and on her own pace.