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Burna Boy’s South African concert has been canceled, according to TicketPro, since the Nigerian rapper is set to perform in the Bahamas on the same day

Nigerian megastar Burna Boy will perform on December 16 at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre in Nassau, Bahamas, rather than Johannesburg, South Africa.


The Grammy Award-winning performer was scheduled to play at FNB Stadium on September 23, but the event was pushed back to December 16 due to current legal processes.

Those who had hoped Burna Boy would play in the country should abandon their hopes, as his tour schedule on his website shows him appearing in the Bahamas.

Mandy Claassen of TicketPro verified to The Sowetan that ticket refunds had been sent to those who had purchased tickets.

“We began refunding people the moment it was announced that Burna Boy would not be appearing.” We announced that they may receive a refund, which would be automatic. Those that paid by hand had to obtain a refund.”

Earlier in the week, Ticketpro announced that it had begun the process of refunding customers.

Despite this, it remains to be seen if this will unfold smoothly ahead as planned as the process takes 7-14 days for EFT refunds.

“We have started refunding customers and all refund requests are being worked through,” the company responded to a comment from a patron on Instagram.

“Your request will be attended to and your refund will be issued.”