In Qatar, where the FIFA World Cup is being played, another journalist has passed away. Authorities said that he passed away “suddenly.”

The Gulf Times reported that photojournalist Khalid al-Misslam passed away over the weekend. It reads, “Al- Misslam, a Qatari, passed away unexpectedly while reporting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.” We pray for Allah to have pity and pardon on him, and we offer his family our sincere condolences. According to Fox Television Sports, Al-Misslam covered the World Cup for the Qatari news network Al Kass TV.

His passing was reported live on television, however it is now unknown what caused it. He follows Grant Wahl as the second journalist to pass away while covering the World Cup. After collapsing while covering Argentina’s victory over the Netherlands at Lusaka Iconic Stadium, he passed just a few days ago. He was sent to a local hospital, although it is unknown if he passed while there or in the ambulance.

Wahl gained notoriety after being stopped from entering Ahmad bin Ali Stadium and held for 30 minutes due to the T-shirt she was sporting, which featured a soccer ball encircled by a rainbow. Additionally, he has been extremely critical of the Qatari government and its World Cup participation.

The source claims that Wahl recently made an appearance on a podcast and disclosed that he was experiencing some nausea as a result of throat discomfort and insomnia. He claimed that he went to the media center’s medical center for care.

As a result, I’ve been suffering with bronchitis this week and have visited the media center’s clinic twice, including today. I canceled everything I had planned for Thursday and took a nap instead, which made me feel better today. And I’m improving a little. I believe you can tell that I’m not entirely myself by the tone of my voice.

On the other side, his brother Eric doesn’t think he was ill on the trip and thinks his brother was murdered because of his convictions.

He wore the rainbow shirt to the World Cup because of me. My brother had a good life. He claimed to have received threats to his life. I don’t think my brother just passed away. I think he was murdered. I humbly ask for any assistance. We’re still looking for answers. According to Celine, he collapsed at the stadium, received cpr, was transported by Uber to the hospital, where he passed away. Celine has spoken to Ron Klain and the White House, while we just spoke with the state department.