In his updated version of “Secrets,” A Boogie re-releases a classic song with Mariah The Scientist. The 2020 album Artist 2.0 by the Bronx rapper included the original “Secrets” (Deluxe).

A Boogie makes references to the materialistic women in his life in the remix, and Mariah The Scientist offers a female perspective. She sings, “But that just ain’t the way it goes / And I just want you out those garments tonight. I’ll take it slowly, and if you can control your mouth this time, you might even be able to take the initiative.

Me vs. Myself, A Boogie’s most recent album, was published last year. Recent releases include his Valentine’s Day single “No More 808s” with Vory and a guest appearance on DJ Drama’s “Ho4Me” with Lil Baby.

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