It was recently announced that Henry Cavill will no longer play Superman. Of course, many of us expected this to happen. However, we are saddened to see another Superman period come to a close. Though not the most popular Superman actor, Henry Cavill’s portrayal of the character has its followers. But, now that the dust has calmed, here are five people we’d want to see portray Superman after Henry Cavill.

Of course, we won’t see the new Superman on our TVs for quite some time. Plans for the DCU’s future are still in the works, and many people might play the part in addition to the five performers we’d want to see.

5 Potential Superman Actors

5 actors we'd love to see

Choosing a new Superman is a difficult task. Regardless of who the studio chooses to play the superhero on the big screen, many people will be disappointed. People’s opinions generally shift once they see the film featuring the new Superman or any other long-running character performed by different actors. Because it’s so difficult to cast a figure like this, even for fun, we’ve chosen 5 actors who we’d want to see play Superman. Although no one knows for certain, speculations suggest that the studio may want a younger actor to portray the role. Keeping this in mind, here are our five choices for the new Superman.

5. Jacob Elordi

The next Superman

Most people recognize Jacob Elordi from his part in Euphoria. He portrays Nate Jacobs, who is the polar opposite of Superman’s good-guy image. Jacob Elordi, on the other hand, has the look required to play the next Superman. He’s not as buff as Henry Cavill, but if they’re going younger, it might not matter. At the age of 23, the Australian-born actor is a Hollywood sensation. In addition to his appearance in Euphoria, Jacob Elordi may be seen in the Netflix film franchise The Kissing Booth. Despite the fact that this isn’t the most highly praised film series, this prospective new Superman has proven to be a brilliant actor with his sequences in HBO’s Euphoria.

The HBO series Euphoria will return for a third season, but Jacob Elordi will also play Elvis Presley in the upcoming film Priscilla. The memoir Priscilla & Me will serve as the basis for the film. It is distributed through A24, although there is no current release date. If it’s any good, it could increase interest in Jacob Elordi as Superman. Of course, there are many actors who could portray Superman, but Jacob merits a second look as the next man to don the cape.

4. David Corenswet

5 actors we'd love to see

David Corenswet is one of the most prominent candidates to be the next Superman. The 29-year-old Philadelphia native has a long list of famous gigs under his belt. He’s already been in two Ryan Murphy films, The Politician and Hollywood. Both programs were on Netflix, but the young actor has also appeared in films. He was most recently seen as one of the leads in the horror film Pearl, alongside Mia Goth. Pearl was a great success in theaters, elevating David Corenswet to the ranks of one of the five actors we’d like to see portray Superman.

3. Austin Butler

The next superman

Austin Butler is a household figure in Hollywood as a result of his appearance as Elvis Presley on the big screen. Not only did he receive a lot of press and critical accolades for the part, but the 31-year-old actor will almost certainly receive an Oscar nomination for it. This suggests he has the acting skills to play the part. Furthermore, we’ve seen him host SNL, which suggests he might lend some levity to the role of Superman if he were cast in it. Austin Butler has also appeared in The Carrie Diaries and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Butler will also make an appearance in Dune: Part Two.

Austin Butler, like everyone else on this list, has the looks to play Superman. Apart from being tall, he’s not as huge as the character normally seems on TV. This does not rule him out, as actors gain and lose weight for parts all the time. In most areas, we believe he’d make an excellent next Superman.

2. Michael B Jordan

5 actors we'd love to see

Michael B Jordan is officially a few years older than the next Superman actor. However, at 35, we believe he is still young enough to play the part. Michael B Jordan almost doesn’t require an introduction because he’s been working for years. He was most recently seen in the box office smash Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. With Creed III, the actor will also make his directorial debut. He also has personal experience with Superman, having just created a black Superman character for HBO Max. However, given the current state of affairs at Warner Brothers, it’s unclear whether that project will be continued.

Michael B Jordan has the physical appearance and charisma to play the role. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated great talent, which might add additional complexity to Superman. We’d want to see him play the next Superman.

1. Glen Powell

The next Superman

Glen Powell has been steadily ascending the Hollywood success ladder for some years. The 34-year-old actor has been in famous films such as Scream Queens, The Dark Night Rises, and, most recently, Top Gun: Maverick. 2022 has been his most important year, and being the new Superman might propel him to even greater heights. He’s a touch older than the actors they’ll presumably look at, but he’s not that far off. Furthermore, he has less of a Superman appearance than anyone else on this list. Still, we believe he can pull off the role.

It will be some time before we see the new Superman on the big screen. However, we believe these five are good choices because they exemplify the character in some way.